Pols is a non-profit contemporary art project space dedicated to researching, producing and exhibiting work. Our programme supports artists to develop critical discourse, active research and experimental projects through commissions. The projects are articulated through exhibitions, performances and study groups. The last four years we have mainly comisioned solo shows, this format makes possible a close and careful accompaniment of the invited artists and their creative processes. This format has generated a series of curatorial lines, ways of understanding materials and the productive circuits in which they are inserted. Bearing in mind the circular economy and an inclination towards perishable elements, site-specific projects, often ephemeral, working on producing intensities rather than objects. Generating tangible and intangible artistic processes as well as contemporary thought that arises from matter and overflows it. From Pols, we welcome artists from the emerging Valencian artistic context, where we seek to facilitate the creation of local networks. We also welcome projects by national and international artists to generate larger networks that inform future movements.

Pols was founded in 2019 by Carles Àngel Saurí, Paula García-Masedo and Néstor García Díaz and is currently run by Empar Polanco and Nestor García Díaz.

Carrer de Francisco Moreno Usedo 24
46018 València
(Only by appointment)